Spruce up your home for $100 or less

The Great Recession has soured the once exuberant mood of house-hunters and homeowners alike. But a small financial institution in the Northeast is trying to restore a little charm to our homes with a light and easy look at home improvement. So, courtesy of ESSA, here are five ways to make the home you’re in more pleasant and livable:

  1. Paint. It’s relatively easy and inexpensive. For a quick fix, try painting one wall as in accent color.
  2. Clutter. Sell, file, discard or donate items you no longer need.
  3. Light. Wash windows, brush screens and let the sunshine in.
  4. Fix. Patch holes in drywall, nail loose boards on decks and pull the weeds.
  5. Clean. Rent a carpet cleaner and clean the high-traffic areas.
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